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A carpet be installed over Momento systems?
How do I repair Momento in case of a malfunction?
Can I connect two Momento systems to the same thermostat?
Can I cut the Momento heating cable to shorten it?
Can wood flooring be installed over Momento systems?
Can the thermostat be supply by a 240 Vac power voltage line?
Can Momento be used for exterior snow melting?
Can Momento be installed over concrete?
Are there other watt densities per square foot available?
Is a GFCI necessary?
Is a floor sensor necessary?
Can the cable be bent 90°?
Can I crisscross, overlap, or touch two heating cables together?
Can I install one Momento system on top of another?
Why choosing a Momento heating cable system (MAT or CAR) supplied by a power source circuit of 240 Vac instead of a 120 Vac ?
What should I do before choosing the Momento system that’s right for me?
What happens if the voltage applied is the wrong one?
What is the warranty for the wall-mounted heating products?
Is the use of self-levelling cement mandatory when installing ceramic tile?